Terms and Conditions

“We, Company” means “Armgoldcenter” LLC (a company registered and operating under the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, registration number: 264.110.1239170, TIN: 08224318, legal address: Kanaker-Zeytun, K. Ulnetsi str. 74, Republic of Armenia) as well as the assigns of the latter and its affiliates, which make the Platform available to Sellers, Buyers and Service Providers.
“Platform” means the www.goldcenter.am website through which Sellers are given the opportunity to present and sell Products, and the Buyers have the opportunity to view, choose and buy those products.
“Product(s)” means gold and/or silver products (with or without precious gems, artificial gems) including jewelry, watches, coins, bars, antique products as well as any other similar product available on sale on the Platform.
“Carrier” is a person implementing the delivery (international transportation) of Product from the Seller to the Buyer.
“Seller” is a vendor registered on the Platform as such, and offering and selling Products on the Platform.
“You, Buyer” is any person using the Platform (except for Sellers), including any person registered on the Platform as such, and placing an order on the Platform with the aim of concluding a sale and purchase agreement.
“Parties” means Seller and Buyer jointly, each separately also referred to as “Party”.
You can freely browse the Platform without making purchases and without creating an account on the Platform. In such case the relationship between You and Us will be governed only by these Terms.
These Terms also constitute an unalienable part of the contracts which are being executed on the Platform between Us and Buyers, Us and Sellers, Buyers and Sellers (represented by Us).
To Buyers, Sellers and Service Providers
If making a purchase, You will need to, in addition to these Terms, conclude a contract with the Seller. We will act as the agent acting on behalf of the Seller when executing the contract. The Contract will be signed by You consenting to the contract (accepting it) on the Platform. These Terms will form an integral part of such a contract. If you do not agree with any of the contract terms, you should abstain from consenting to it and from making a purchase.
Prior to making a purchase, You need to create an account on the Platform. You will be required to provide personal data for the registration. By using the Platform, You give your consent to the processing of your personal data and You acknowledge and agree to the terms set forth in the Privacy Policy. As a Buyer, You are required to provide complete and accurate personal data and keep it up to date as We are not liable if the delivery cannot be carried out or other damages occur because of outdated, wrong or incomplete information. We do not check the accuracy of the information provided by You.
To register, You will receive a code via SMS, which You will further use to create a password for your account. You will use your password You created to log in the Platform. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and not sharing it with other persons. We are not responsible for any consequences that may arise in connection with the use of Your account by other persons. You are fully responsible for all activities that occur with the use of Your password to log in the Platform.
By logging in and using the Platform, You give your consent to receive all required notices and information through the Platform.
We exclude our liability and that of our agents and independent contractors, and our and their employees, officers, agents for actions/inactions, errors, omissions as well as for damages relating to your access to the Platform, whatever the legal basis of such liability would be, to the extent permitted by the applicable law.
We are not responsible for the inaccuracy of the information provided by the Seller and/or the Buyer, as well as for checking their financial condition, goodwill, business reputation and any other information about them, as well as for the performance of the obligations arising from the sale and purchase agreement concluded between the Seller and the Buyer. We are not responsible for the actions/inactions, errors, omissions of the Sellers or Buyers or for damages caused to You. We do not warrant that Product descriptions or other content available on the Platform is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free.
Through the Platform we allow Buyers to buy Products from Sellers. We also perform or organize delivery thereof in the territory of Armenia at the expense of the Buyer.
In case of delivery to other countries, such Delivery will be performed by a Carrier. Neither we nor the Seller are responsible for the actions and omission of the Carrier, and neither we nor the Seller can guarantee proper delivery of the Products by the latter. The delivery is only available in countries listed in the Annex to these Terms. We carry out the delivery on Sellers’ behalf and at Sellers’ expense. Usually the delivery (carriage) will be organized by the Seller for a separate fee. However, if you purchase Products from more than one Seller at once, then you automatically instruct Us to order the delivery on your behalf and sign on your behalf a contract with the Carrier. The prices of the delivery will be notified to you during the purchase, prior to your payment for it. Other terms of the carriage/delivery will be per the then current conditions of carriage/delivery offered by the Carrier (FedEx of similar carriage company). We will not be able to renegotiate or change such terms.
In Armenia the delivery in the territory of Yerevan is performed within 24 hours (excluding non-working days) and delivery in the regions (including from regions to Yerevan and vice versa) is performed within 72 hours (excluding non-working days). Delivery (carriage) outside of Armenia will be performed per the timelines ensured by the Carrier, taking into account also the timeline for transferring the Products from the Seller to the Carrier and the customs clearance.
Buyers are solely responsible for providing the correct addresses for delivery on the Platform, and they therefore release GoldCenter and the Carrier from any liability for negligence or error in the delivery of the order as a result of providing an incorrect address for delivery. In this case, the Carrier at his own discretion can return the product to the initial collection address with subsequent refund or deliver the product to the new address mentioned by the Buyer within one (1) day starting from the first delivery date. As a result of the foregoing, the cost resulting from providing an incorrect address for delivery on the Platform shall be borne by the Buyer.
If the Buyer is not at the place agreed for delivery within ten (10) minutes from the arrival of the courier, the courier may at his own discretion return the product to the initial collection address or arrange another date and time with the Buyer for delivery within one (1) day starting from the initial delivery date, payable additionally per the applicable delivery rate.
GoldCenter will, as an extra service subject to a separate fee, prior to the delivery of the Products, check the compliance of the external layer of gold products to the declared gold content, as well as check the existence of content hallmarks. Upon such checks We will guarantee the correspondence of the external layer of gold products to the declared gold content.
The payment for the purchase includes the cost of the product, and our agency fee as Sellers’ agent. The delivery fee, the Carrier fees, our fees as your attorney in fact in executing the contract with the Carrier (if applicable). You can make the payment via bank card online at the time of making the order or with cash at the time of delivery (if delivery is made in Armenia) or pick up from the Seller.
Amount of cash payments is limited under Armenian law, and for some purchases they may be unavailable. We do not store Your bank card details, but these are provided to licensed electronic payment service providers, who receive the data included directly. This information is under no circumstances stored on our servers. You may request such electronic payment service providers’ privacy policies at any time.
After making a purchase and receiving the Product, Buyers will be asked/requested to evaluate the purchase. Based on Buyers’ evaluations, ratings of Sellers will be generated and displayed on the Platform. The rating will also be affected in the event the Buyer makes a purchase, but the Product is not available for sale. We are not responsible for any consequences the displaying of relevant data and/or ratings may have, including, but not limited to, the effects on Seller’s business reputation, business opportunities and business relationships.
We may suspend the access of any Seller and/or Buyer to the Platform on the basis of complaints presented against them by other Sellers and/ or Buyers, as well as in case of any violation by them of these Terms or any contract executed via the Platform.
Risks / Limitations
Your access and use of the Platform may be interrupted from time to time for several reasons, including, without limitation, the malfunction of equipment, periodic updating, maintenance or repair of the Platform or other actions that We, in our sole discretion, may elect to take. In no event will We be liable to any Party for any loss, cost, or damage that results from any scheduled or unscheduled downtime. Moreover, the use of the Platform largely depends on the operation of the internet network. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee the availability of products and services due to the possible unavailability of Internet connection or other failures of that network. We undertake reasonable efforts to ensure continuous and uninterrupted performance of the services. However, we are not responsible for any interruption of the operation of the Platform, if it is due to the actions of third parties or to the work of the Internet. We are also not responsible for any interruption of the operation of the Platform or any other problem associated with the Platform, if it is the consequence of the effect of a computer virus or other malicious software.
The Platform is provided on "as is" and "as available" basis without express or implied representations or warranties of any kind, including but not limited to representations or warranties related to the operation, accessibility, availability, completeness, accuracy or suitability of the Platform for any purpose. You are fully and exclusively liable for any and all risk resultant from the use of the Platform.
We are not responsible if the Seller and the Buyer do not conclude a sale and purchase agreement if in the future, even if by the request of one of the Parties technically We notify the other Party on the cancellation of the order or carry out such cancellation on the Platform. We are also not responsible if the Seller and/or the Buyer and/or the Carrier violates the conditions of the concluded agreement, terminates it, refuses to perform it and/or violates the requirements of the RA legislation in connection with such agreement.
When You make a purchase, You might receive a message that the product is not available at the time. In such case You will be requested to wait longer than the time period specified on the Platform to receive the product. Alternatively, You may request a refund.
If the law or the specific Seller allows for such an option, You may request a return of the product of proper quality and refund of the paid amount excluding the delivery fee. The delivery fee (including the Carrier’s fees) is not refundable. In any case We will not organize or anyhow partake in the return process.
In case the Product is of improper quality, You have the right to terminate the sale and purchase agreement or to claim replacement or proportional reduction of the purchase price or gratuitous elimination of defect of the product or compensation for the expenses that You incurred for the elimination thereof. The exercise of the right will be conducted with the terms and procedure prescribed by the RA law unless otherwise agreed by the parties.
You must not use the Platform in any way if it causes or may cause damage to the reliability or availability of the Platform. You must not use the Platform to copy, store, post, transmit, send, use, publish or distribute any material which consists of (or is linked to) any computer virus or other malicious computer software. You must not conduct any systematic or automated data collection activities on or acts in relation to them without Our express written consent.
The content (information, images, video, etc.) of the Platform is provided by Us. Copyright and other intellectual property rights in and to the Platform belong to Us or to entities who cooperate with Us. All rights are reserved, and the content of the Platform cannot be in any way modified, distributed, displayed in any manner or by any means, including but not limited to electronic, mechanical means, photographing, downloading or recording without Our prior written permission.
Trademarks placed on the Platform constitute Our intellectual property, legal protection of which is provided by the RA legislation and relevant international treaties.
We do not assume any responsibility for third party content (including any products available for sale, and information relating to such products) that may be available through the Platform, and for content linked to the Platform. Where We link to third party websites/applications, You use such websites/applications at your own risk. We recommend reading the policies of these websites/applications and reviewing how they may process your personal data.
General Terms
When You log in the Platform and/or use it You confirm that You have read and understood these Terms and agree to abide by them.
We have the right to change these Terms and any policy applicable to this Platform. These changes are valid from the date of installation of it on the site of the Platform. If you continue your use of this site it shall mean that You have accepted these changes.
In case of any disputes arisen between You and Us, such disputes shall be subject to settlement through direct negotiations between You and Us within a 30-day period. In case of failure to reach an agreement within the provided period the disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Armenian courts under the legislation of the Republic of Armenia. Upon the agreement between You and Us, the dispute may be submitted to mediation or arbitration.
Contact Information
If You have any questions about these Terms of Use, please feel free to contact Us online as specified within the Platform or by e-mail at [email protected] (updated 30/11/2022).
The purpose of creating the page is to exclude, if possible, the spread of fakes in the jewelry field. On their side, photos of those fake jewelry that meet with entrepreneurs registered on our website are posted.